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I Love a To-Do List – Find Out Why!

Why I love a to-do list, there are so many reasons!  Nothing makes me feel like I’ve achieved something quite like crossing it off my list.

To-Do List by Johnny Cash

This to-do list by Johnny Cash is perfect – all the essentials are there!

Before bed I write my list.  Some people organise their day in the morning but I feel the need to empty my mind in order to finish my day.  I am definitely an overthinker.  To get my thoughts down on paper means I can let go of them.  I know they are recorded in a safe place to return to them later.

Using a very simplistic colour coding system in my bullet journal I write as many things down on the page as I can.  Whether they are tasks I need to get done tomorrow,  or ones that aren’t date specific, on the list they go.  In the morning, whilst drinking my coffee in a rush, I look through the list again adding any last minute notes.

As I go through my day I check things off my list – each one a tiny success!  Why does such a simple act make you feel to good?!  It’s why I love a to-do list!  I continue to make notes and add new tasks.  By the time the day comes to an end I have plenty of inspiration for my brand new list!

How I use my notebooks

I will be writing more on my blog about how I use my notebooks.  There’s a lot more to them than just my to-do list!  Follow my posts to see what I write in mine.  Along with helpful tips and tricks on how to use your notebook to keep you organised!

If you are in need of the perfect sized notebook to pop in your bag check out my vibrant pocket notebooks and keep your to-do list handy at all times!

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