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These are tales of my adventures through building my own business.

The objects I make and routes I take, the choices I've faced and the mistakes I've made!


Turning my Side Hustle into my Main Priority!

It’s time to start turning my side hustle into my main priority!  This is not the first time I’ve tried to launch my own business. In fact, it’s probably not even the second or third! Periodically I have the notion that there must be something more fulfilling than my 9 to 5.

During long hours of procrastination I search online for others in the same boat. I’ve found a few, I completely devoured the YouTube series called The Creative Journey Vlog about Chalkboard Artist, Jo Fallon but I notice that there aren’t many people like her who are telling about the adventure as a whole – the ups and the downs.  So, in order to let you procrastinate, I’m telling you of my adventure – the ups and the downs!

my side hustle

I have been self-employed before. My time at art school, unsurprisingly, hasn’t prepared me for the struggles of being an artist in the real world. There is so much to think about when working for yourself. I’d need to invest in tools and materials, build relationships with galleries and learn how to promote myself with no guarantee of selling anything. Even when I worked hard the reward was small. Thankfully, on completing my postgraduate studies, I was offered a position applying my craft within a prestigious workshop.  This meant I could return to full time employment and a much appreciated full time paycheck!

While feeling restless several years ago I purchased the domain,, which is where we are now. I named my business after my dog. Having no clear idea what my business would be it seemed a good and fittingly vague option.   Playing with templates and fonts and spending way longer than necessary choosing pretty colours for my website was fun, but after this brief flurry of action the urge wore off.

Now my day job as a bookbinder is inspiring me to make for myself again.  Recently I have been designing cards and notebooks, setting up my new website and experimenting with new printmaking techniques.  I’m getting excited about making again, and about sharing my work.

Blazing Rebel has been my side hustle and on and off hobby for years. It’s time for me to start taking my dreams and myself seriously and I’m going to use this blog to take you with me!

  1. Pauline Simpson says:

    Good luck with making the dream come true Karen.

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