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A New Month in my Bullet Journal

I love getting ready for a new month in my bullet journal!  I start a few days before the first of the month so I can get excited for what’s to come.

Bullet Journal for a New Month

I like to keep my monthly overview clear and simple!

For long term planning I use the calendar app on my phone so my journal just goes month to month.  I list out all the days down the side of the page – black for week days and orange for weekends so I don’t need to write in the days of the week.  Then I check my calendar and write in the events and appointments I know are coming up.  I like to keep it clear and simple.  If there is more detail to particular events, eg. appointment times, I’ll write these on my daily pages instead.  This minimal style is perfect for a new month in my bullet journal, it helps me to see important dates at a glance.

To help with my minimalist aesthetic I use dot grid paper.  It is my absolute favourite!  Dotted paper enables the neatness of using lines or squares but keeps the page much clearer.  In my notebooks the dots are neon pink which adds to the fun!

If I know I have a lot on a particular month I use the next page to write a “master task list”.  This is like a big to-do list where the tasks aren’t date specific.  I use this list when I’m organising my days and slot a couple of these to-dos in when I have some free time.

Next week I’ll post a few photos of my daily pages – these are definitely the workhorse of my bullet journal!

My Bullet Journal

I use my own notebooks for bullet journaling – of course!  They are A6 size so are perfect to carry in my bag every day.  Throughout this blog I will be showing you the ways in which I make these little notebooks work for me and if you would like your own you can buy them in my online shop!

If you are interested in starting your own bullet journal you can sign up to my mailing list.  Here you’ll also get exclusive access to the guide I made –  “5 Layouts to Organise Your Day“.

5 Layouts to Organise Your Day

5 Layouts to Organise Your Day

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