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First Steps towards Selling Online

FIRST STEPS TOWARDS SELLING ONLINEIt has been a while since I made my first steps to selling online.  Having an online presence is important and, thanks to social media and online sales platforms, it can be simple!  When starting my business the first place you could find my work was Etsy.  As a craftsperson making and selling products, having an online shop was the first logical step.

First Steps Towards Selling Online

Pink Stone and Salted Caramel Abstract Art Print

There are a lot of user friendly build your own website facilities these days but many charge extra for an online selling function.  Instead I chose to set up on Etsy as I was already an avid user of their platform for buying unique and handmade items.  It does cost but it’s minimal in it’s fees it is easy to use!

There are of course certain aspects to focus on to make selling on Etsy more successful.  Depending on what you are hoping to achieve.  But setting up your shop and allowing people to buy from you through a trusted platform is straightforward.  There are other sites like Folksy and NuMonday who work in a similar fashion so don’t feel like Etsy is the only way.  There are always options!

Once you get your products visible you have somewhere to send people to buy from you.  This could be in person using a sign on your stall at a craft fair.  As well as through the many social media platforms available to you.  Currently I love Instagram as my work is visual.  I am also trying my best to work out the advantages of Pinterest.  But if Facebook or Linkedin is more your style then go for it!  Showing your community your work, then pointing them directly to where they can purchase the item are the first steps to selling online.

Start Simple – Make Your First Steps Towards Selling Online

Having your own website is wonderful but selling on another platform first is an achievable first step – especially for the not 100% computer literate!  The important thing is to do it.  I have spent a lot of time researching website building sites and learning how to customise how my site looks.  There is always something else you can change or tweak to make better but first you must start.  Show the world your beautiful things and make it easy to buy them.

In future posts I will go into the different ways I sell online.  Please tell me what you’d like to know?  I see so many gorgeous handmade items and brilliant art on social media.  If all the trial and error I’ve been through can ease someone’s journey, I’d love to help!

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