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Why the Traveller’s Notebook is Perfect for You

Why the traveller's notebook is perfect for youWhy the Traveller’s Notebook is perfect for you, it’s perfect for everyone!

I was first drawn to the Travellers Notebook system around 5 or 6 years ago now. It was at a time in my life where things were changing.  I discovered I want a way not only to plan for upcoming events and appointments but to organise work stuff, record my feelings and to have some sort of creative outlet. I want it all! And I want it all in one place!

Why I was drawn to the Traveller’s Notebook

I am someone who likes to carry a notebook, but I do not like taking more than one. I like a simple monthly calendar to add appointments or date-specific tasks. As someone who enjoys a to-do list, I want that too, to keep my daily tasks organised. I also want to write a journal entry while in a café or on a train. And, being a creative person, I like to draw or doodle and stick ticket stubs, postcards and other bits and bobs into my notebook too.

I love the bullet journal system where everything just rubs along with everything else. It’s a system where appointments sit next to journal entries, next to trip planning and lists. It is a system I return to often as it is so minimalist.  It can be incredibly useful if I am having one of those crazy weeks where I just don’t have the time to sort through my thoughts properly. If you’d like to find out more about bullet journaling, please follow this link to an article from the system’s creator, Ryder Carroll.

But I can’t deny that there are times when I find bullet journaling a frustratingly confusing method to record my day. This is especially apparent when I need to find a piece of information recorded a few weeks ago. The system needs careful curation and reflection to get the best out of it.  Sometimes I just don’t have, or perhaps give myself the time or chance to do that.

The Traveller’s Notebook system is an ingenious way of keeping everything all under one roof.

Why the traveller's notebook is perfect for youHow it Works

Put simply, the Traveller’s Notebook consists of several thin, interchangeable notebooks, called “inserts”.  These are all kept together in one, usually beautiful leather, cover. This is done with strings and elastic connectors. It allows you to chop and change the content of your book in a matter of moments. Held closed with an elastic fastening you can chuck it in a bag or slide it into your pocket.

There are also other elements you can choose too. Some covers have pockets built-in. Inserts are available which have folders or plastic pockets, and card slots, allowing you to keep memorabilia or even use it instead of a wallet when you are out and about.

The system also allows you to change out the inserts once they are finished. For example, I like keeping a full year monthly calendar insert as I find it the most straightforward way of seeing appointments and events at a glance. This insert stays with me in my Travellers Notebook for the entire year. But a simple dot grid insert where I write my to-do lists will become full in just one or two months. Once the insert is complete, I just replace it with a new empty one and carry on.

It is also a fantastic way to carry work notes alongside personal planning. Although they are both being housed in the same simple cover, you can turn to a separate insert for each.  It makes for complete separation and your boss not needing to see your weekend plans with the family in a work strategy meeting.

Why the traveller's notebook is perfect for youA System to Suit Everyone

There are so many different ways of configuring your Traveller’s Notebook to suit yourself. With a busy schedule, planning and calendar inserts are the perfect way of keeping organised. If you love your bullet journal, then you should be adding a notebook specifically for that. Designers or artists may favour a plain sketchbook insert.  Perhaps even making their own using watercolour paper or a thicker cartridge stock to suit their favourite medium. Many people enjoy keeping a booklet for journaling where they maintain a personal diary filled with daily entries, photographs and stickers.

The Traveller’s Notebook really is perfect for you and is a lovely way to experiment to find what is essential to you. It can be a minimalist and streamlined organisational tool, or it can be an artistic expression of your daily life.

If I have inspired you to try a Traveller’s Notebook you there are a considerable number of resources on this topic online.  A quick Youtube search will have you down a rabbit hole of beautiful books and endless inspiration.  If you would like to start your own, you can find my range of covers, inserts and accessories here.

I plan to write a few more articles on this subject and show more examples of how I use mine.  Join my mailing list for weekly blog posts or follow me on Instagram to see my Traveller’s Notebook in action!

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